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eHealth First – the Reshaping of International Healthcare Systems with Blockchain, AI and NLP

Generally, when one thinks of blockchain the first thing that comes to mind is cryptocurrency. And this has hitherto been the best executed and most quickly adopted implementation of the blockchain. S...

Forward towards a bright future, blockchain universe UnicornGo

To the moon and back, is a distant dream for everyone who is in love with the skies. The conquest of planets is a painful issue, since the human body is not ready for substantial changes in surroundin...

CAC, a Dark Horse in Asia’s Booming Blockchain Market

On February 16, 2018, the first ever Digital Currency Blockchain Forum was held in Almaty, Kazakhstan, during which, CAC, the high-profile Credit Asia Chain, was officially launched with a s...

Blockchain-Based Distribution Platform ALAX to Allow App and Game Developers to Reach Tens of Millions of ‘Unbanked’ Consumers

ALAX’s token-based technology will provide access to tens of millions of ‘unbanked’ customers worldwide ALAX TGE set to commence on April 17th 2018, with the platform scheduled to be avai...

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Ethereum Price Weekly Analysis – ETH/USD Bearish Below $870

Key Highlights ETH price declined recently and moved below the $860 support level against the US Dollar. There is an expanding triangle formin...

Bitcoin Cash Price Weekly Analysis – BCH/USD to Decline Further

Key Points Bitcoin cash price started a fresh decline this past week and moved below $1,250 against the US Dollar. There is a major bearish tr...

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Bitcoin Briefly Falls below $10K While Nano Surges – Feb 23rd Cryptocurrency News

Nano was one cryptocurrency, which stood out over the past two days, because it was one of the very few to experience gains. It is currently in 23rd place in terms of market cap. It gained more than 21% over the past 24 hours. Let’s see what else is happening in the crypto world. France’s financial regulator announced this week that financial products based on cryptocurrencies should be regulated as derivatives. Venezuela’s President Nicolas Maduro announced that all crypto-coins including the oil backed Petro cryptocurrency will be accepted as a means of payment and trades with government services and some national companies. And the final story, a British man has been charged with using Bitcoin to launder 11.5 million euros’s.

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